Postdoc en Suecia bioproducción de microorganismos (red Cost EUALGAE)

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Postdoctoral position (two years) specializing in biochemistry or microbiology for microbial biomass production

Scientists of the Departments of Chemistry and Plant Physiology (Umeå Plant Science Centre ( are now searching for an excellent candidate to become Post-doctoral researcher in the field of renewable energy with focus on algal biomass production and waste water reclamation. The work will be focused on research and method development.

Last day for application is 2015-11-08.

We are now looking for a postdoctoral associate with a degree in Biochemistry or Microbiology with a special interest in analytical techniques and bioinformatics. The candidate will work in projects focused on:

1. Optimize biomass production of algae and cyanobacteria.
2. Physiological characterization of algal and cyanobacterial strains grown in waste water. Special focus will be on the accumulation of pharmaceuticals/toxins in the microorganisms.
3. Biochemical fractionation of the microorganisms.
4. Establishing and conducting laboratory-scale experiments to investigate the removal of pharmaceuticals/toxins in various types of waste water.

The work is a part of the projects MicroBioRefine and Transformers focusing on the efficient and economic production of biomass by growing (North-) Swedish photosynthetic microorganisms on carbon dioxide and nutrients from local flue gases and wastewaters.

To be eligible for this position, you should have completed your PhD degree in Microbiology or Biochemistry a maximum of three years before the end of the application period.

The candidate should have a strong background in biochemistry and microbiology, and be skilled in analytical techniques e.g. gas chromatography/mass spectrometry. Additional points for consideration are experience in setting up and running experiments with photosynthetic microorganisms. Since the candidate will use various advanced laboratory equipment, he/she needs to have extensive experience in practical laboratory work. Experience with biochemical methods and advanced data treatment (incl. modelling) are mandatory. Enthusiasm, independence, the ability for good team work, and a good command of the English language, both written and spoken, are key qualifications.

The candidate is expected to independently design experiments and conduct research as outlined above, analyze data and interpret results, present oral and poster presentations at regional and international conferences and publish findings in high-profile scientific journals. Occasional travel for field work and to the bioreactor in Dåva is required, and the candidate should have a valid driver’s license.

The position is for full-time over two years and is planned to be filled during winter 2015/2016.

A complete application should be written in English or Swedish and include: (i) a cover letter summarizing your qualifications and motives for applying, (ii) copies of all relevant certificates (with translation to English),
(iii) a curriculum vitae, including publications and conference presentations and
(iv) the names and contacts of three references.

The application is to be submitted in the e-recruitment system MyNetwork Pro November 8 at the latest.

For further information, contact Professors Christiane Funk, phone: +46-(0)90-786-7633, e-mail: or Anita Sellstedt, phone: +46-(0)90-786-7756, e-mail:

The Department of Chemistry at Umeå University ( today has approximately 230 members and offers a stimulating environment with a commitment to excellence in both teaching and research and provides a valuable service to society. Our research is organized into three areas, viz. Biological Chemistry, Environmental and Biogeochemistry, and Technical Chemistry and is conducted by a dynamic and committed faculty, which has access to state of the art research facilities and instrumentation.
The Department of Plant Physiology is a part of Umeå Plant Science Centre, UPSC (, a center of excellence in plant science and biotechnology.


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